Making AI Accessible.

AI serves as a power collaborator; it provides suggestions, refines ideas and pushes the boundaries on creative possibilities. 

These advancements have dismantled the barriers that once limited our creative potential, liberating us from the constraints imposed by traditional structures and institutions.

We now live in a time where curiosity is celebrated, and technology grants us the freedom to ask bold questions, challenge norms, and fuel a renaissance of creative that permeates all aspects of our lives.

At Wand we help domain experts tap into the power of AI without being a Data Scientist or AI Engineer.

By empowering everyone to define radically impactful questions, everyone can apply AI [in hours] that reinforces their creativity and spark to simply do great things.

Our Story

We are builders who have been deep in industry domains.
We have asked tough questions of enterprise data and have created AI systems that continue to serve of the worlds most complex operations.

Enterprises alike have been promised that Data and AI will revolutionize how they work; from customer engagement, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

The empathy of understanding how companies are structured and who runs the business was not fully taken into account. Realizing that the power of AI is truly unlocked with the holder of domain knowledge, we sought to build a system for those who could benefit most – the domain experts.

As a team, we’ve spent decades building and using Data and AI systems that addressed some of the worlds most pressing challenges; defense, intelligence, financial crime, industrial asset readiness to large data environments. All of which required approachable systems that understood what accuracy, explainability, bias and scale meant when it counted.

Our Values

AI will empower, not replace

Creating accessibility with context is paramount.

Ideas ignite

Enabling creative minds to execute without boundaries.

For the user

Domain and context matter and we strive to share and learn from each other, daily.

Building for 
the team

Win, lose, laugh, and enjoy the ride.

Creating for others

Striving to create a world where AI can enable others to do their best.

Come join us to help put the power of AI in the hands of today’s and tomorrow’s domain experts.

Making AI accessible means understanding locality and how teams operate in the setting they work in. We are global company that takes pride in understanding the PoV of the domain experts. If you want to help others, learn, grow and advance their careers by applying AI, come talk to us.

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