Here is a selection of the additional features and capabilities:

  • Advanced Analytics: Wandy can run multiple tools, including Python, to deliver top-notch machine learning and automation capabilities. It can generate reports, charts, insights, and predictions based on your data.
  • Real-time Search: Wandy can access and analyze any connected data from dozens of sources, from SaaS applications to cloud storage, and multiple types of files. We developed a new semantic search technology that significantly improves the current state of the art, and enables us to work with large scale data, a problem that current semantic search methodologies struggle with.
  • Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG): Wandy can retrieve information from online sources to augment its responses, verifying the accuracy and reliability of the information it retrieves.
  • Personalization over time: Wandy will learn your preferences and behavior using a new personalization technology. This means that everyone will have a unique Wandy to make his life easier.
  • Coming soon (within a few weeks) – Image and Audio Support: Wandy can process and analyze images in various ways, from object recognition to emotion detection. It can also process and analyze audio, transcribe speech to text, summarize meeting contents, conduct sentiment analysis, and more.

Wandy can help you with any task or project, save time, improve your efficiency, enhance your creativity, and expand your horizons.

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