f you’re reading this, you probably know your way around a spreadsheet. However, even if you consider yourself a power user, predictive models are likely not part of your day-to-day work.

Predictive modeling is still a tool reserved for data scientists, which means that a problem has to be quite large (and valuable) before predictive models become a viable option.

Wandy is changing that. Wandy puts world-class analytics capabilities right in your hands. Yes, including predictive analytics.

Churn analysis, for instance, can provide extremely valuable information to improve business performance with a compelling ROI. It allows businesses to understand why customers leave and how to prevent it. Traditionally, this required the expertise of a data scientist. With Wandy, even a regular business user without deep technical knowledge can create predictive models to understand the reasons customers churn, segment customers accordingly, and plan targeted campaigns to reduce churn and increase customer retention.

We asked Wandy and OpenAI’s ChatGPT the same question: Help me understand churn at my company and create a report to show what my data says. ChatGPT is an extremely powerful tool, but it doesn’t offer the level of depth in data analytics. Check out the video to see a 1-to-1 comparison of the output using the same input prompt and data.

Wandy is not just about providing advanced predictive modeling and in-depth model performance reporting. It’s about democratizing these tools, making them accessible to a wider range of users, and ultimately, driving better business decisions. While ChatGPT is impressive, when it comes to deep data analytics in a business context, Wandy is leading the charge.

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