When you’re trying to find answers, Slack is often a great resource. You probably know which brilliant colleague knows the answer you’re looking for. But what if that person is busy? Or what if you need to ask multiple people to stitch together an answer? Or what if you don’t know whom to ask?

With Wand AI, you can design virtual teammates for any topic you care about and easily deploy them as chatbots in Slack.

Wand chatbots can be trained on any enterprise data, files, and websites – get ready to completely change how you tackle your daily tasks and how your team interacts with data. The seamless Slack integration enables users to get completely unprecedented data access using a workspace and user experience they are already familiar with.

Starting a conversation is as easy as mentioning the chatbot’s name in your message.

Streamline repetitive tasks, provide up-to-the-minute data, and more! Wand AI chatbots are set to elevate your Slack experience, allowing for simple and effortless access to vital information without toggling between different platforms.

Begin incorporating Wand AI Chatbots today and embark on a journey toward increased productivity, smoother workflows, and more efficient teamwork. Your new virtual assistant awaits!