Data is everywhere, and it’s growing exponentially. To make sense of a complex dataset quickly, visualization is a valuable tool. However, it can take a significant amount of time to get data ready and figure out the best visual to tell your story. With Wandy, you have the option to either request a specific visual or entrust it to autonomously recognize and generate the most meaningful graphs based on your data.

Option 1: Request Specific Chart

If you have a clear idea of the visual you need, simply instruct Wandy to generate specific visualizations. Whether it’s a line chart to observe trends over time, an area chart to visualize cumulative data, a bar chart for comparisons, a pie chart for composition insights, a scatter plot for relationship analysis, or even a confusion matrix for model performance evaluation—Wandy will promptly provide you with the requested visual.

Option 2: Let Wandy Determine the Right Visual

Alternatively, you can leave the decision-making to Wandy. When you upload your data, Wandy’s AI algorithms will assess your dataset’s characteristics, patterns, and potential insights. It will then autonomously generate the most relevant visualizations that best represent your data’s story. This hands-off approach saves you time and ensures that you don’t miss any hidden insights within your data.

Once Wandy is done creating the charts, you can download them or have them sent to your email address. In a matter of seconds, you’ll find meticulously crafted visuals waiting in your inbox, ready for your use.

Why Wandy?

Efficiency: Fully automated chart creation.
Accuracy: Wandy’s AI comprehends your data to create visuals that make sense.
Flexibility: Choose from a broad range of chart types tailored to your needs.
Convenience: Charts delivered directly to your email.
Time-saving: Get the visual you want in seconds, not hours.

Try Wandy for effortless data visualization today!