Every enterprise, regardless of its size, grapples with the challenge of efficiently harnessing data for improved decision-making. Yet, numerous barriers hinder the seamless extraction and analysis of it:

  • Search Overload: The average employee dedicates a staggering 3.6 hours daily – equating to 45% of their productive time – merely in the quest for information. This extensive time spent hinders productivity, stifling innovation and growth.
  • Communication Breakdowns: Today, even simple data-related questions aren’t solo endeavors. They demand multiple people, and too often, a lot of ineffective communication.
  • The Need for Domain Expertise: with the current technology, unlocking the potential of data requires deep domain expertise. Every data task requires experts, but there aren’t many of them available.
  • Security & Compliance: With cyber threats escalating annually by a daunting 38%, enterprises face a dual challenge – enabling easy access to data while safeguarding against breaches – internal and external, all within an ever-shifting landscape of compliance and regulations.

These challenges, when left unaddressed, accumulate monumental financial repercussions, leading to losses tallying in the trillions annually.

At Wand, we recognize these challenges and their vast implications. We are equipping the everyday enterprise user with unparalleled access to data, analytics, and insights, while keeping security and access control as top priority.