Although we are into the era of digitization and advanced analytics, it’s increasingly evident that the age-old enterprise challenges still prevail. Let’s break down some of the pressing issues:

❌ Cumbersome Access to Data: Employees spend 3.6 hours daily (45% of productive time) sifting through data, seeking relevant insights. Time that could be better spent innovating!

❌ Juggling Multiple Applications: An average of 177 SaaS applications is used by enterprises, with office workers toggling between them 3,600 times a day. This equates to 9% of their productive time!

❌ Ineffective Communication: Most data-related tasks aren’t solitary; they need collaborative efforts, adding layers of complexity and potential miscommunication.

❌ Need for Domain Expertise: Deep analytics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In today’s enterprise technology, it mandates domain experts who can glean insights from datasets for too many tasks.

How does Synthesis AI change all those?

✅ Contextual Data Search: With the Wand Data Interpreter engine, data is not just accessed seamlessly but understood, making the search process intelligent and time-efficient.

✅ Seamless Integration: Real-time 2-way integration between any SaaS application and LLMs, drastically reducing toggling and boosting interoperability.

✅ Predictive Meets Generative: Synthesis AI has streamlined the merging of predictive AI with GenAI, creating a powerhouse of data insights and foresight, for the everyday user.

✅ Role-based Access Control: With the role-based access control AI engine, data security gets personalized. Ensure the right people have the right access, always.

In essence, Synthesis AI is not just an answer to today’s challenges; it’s a proactive solution for what lies ahead. It’s time to lean into the future and supercharge our productivity!