Deliver Business Impact, Now.

Wand puts the power of Predictive AI in your hands to go from use case to business ready AI Solutions in hours

Built for the Domain Expert

Finding answers to complex questions is what you do. You are a Domain Expert. Assemble, analyze and apply AI – in hours.

Unified Data Management, AI model building and deployment … secure and scalable

Apply Your Craft

You know the business and the problems you need to solve. Let Wand supercharge your use case discovery and framing.

Data Access, Simplified

AI is only as good as the data it has access to. With Wand, you are tapping into an AI superpower that puts you in control – from Data to AI.

Creating AI Solutions with Impact

Wand’s model architecture brings the right model for the right use case and data – automatically.

Actions to Outcomes

In many ways, AI is a superpower. With Wand, you harness this privilege with due care, full control, and forensics level explainability.

The AI solution platform built for the business

From Idea to Production ready in in less than 4 hours


Define the business case that matters


Your Data, Wrangled


Full control


Via AI application, 
an API or your workflow

Your Wand, Your Way

Secured for the Enterprise





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