The Wand Platform was officially released!

This is a different newsletter from the others, as we are celebrating a very special event!

We invite everyone to build powerful AI solutions and produce results in hours.

New users get 50 Wand Units for free to test their ideas, identify and build hot use cases, and start creating value immediately.

Wand is a no code AI platform that allows everyone, regardless of their AI technical skills, to build powerful AI solutions in a simple and intuitive way.

What can you solve with Wand?

Any data driven problem – you just need to bring the data (historical for training, and current data for production), and the Wand Platform will do the rest – it can be sales and marketing automation, detecting transaction fraud, predicting churn, improving the KYC process, detecting malwares, improving yield, and so on!

Why is Wand unique? 

  • Wand gives you the magic powers to create powerful AI solutions, 100X faster than any other method. 
  • The platform is completely self-service.
  • We leverage the latest technological advancement to provide complete automation. instead of  a process that takes many months for technical users. 
  • The platform does all the hard work of creating AI solutions.
  • You can very quickly produce tangible results in your organization and build up solutions that make a real difference.
  • With Wand,  you can easily become a top performer 😊

Who are the target users of Wand?

  • In general – everyone can use Wand to create value quickly.
  • We are seeing significant adoption from data analysts, business analysts, product owners, sales and marketing, risk and compliance, finance, etc.  With Wand, they have new magic powers that enable them to perform better, utilize their data in the best way and supercharge their firms! 

Discover how Wand works