Introducing a new feature – our new solution-building wizard!

What’s up at Wand?

We are happy to share our new solution-building wizard, which will help you create value much faster! This new feature will significantly simplify the process to create a new solution and will help you to jumpstart to the AI journey!

What you get:

Only three steps to create AI value;
Save time;
Simpler to use.

How the modern AI stack looks like?

Today, bringing AI solutions to production is a complex, multi-phase process that takes months or even years… With Wand you cut this down to hours, so companies can bring advanced data science capabilities to the business users—leading to faster impact than ever before.

From a user’s perspective—DATA is all you need. Everything else is automated by the platform.

The Wand platform provides a complete end-to-end solution and makes it very easy for anyone—regardless of their technical comfort level—to use the platform.

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